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Immerse yourself in an intimate wellness break dedicated only to you.



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage

The Hawaiian massage is an enveloping, slow and gentle massage. To be enjoyed in the company of sweet and introspective melodies capable of recalling the scent and colors of the sea, transporting you to a world of meditative abandonment.

Swedish Massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage
Treatment based on deep decontracting oil that provides the whole body, but having free maneuvers between them can focus on specific parts (according to the needs of the recipient). Relaxing and decontracting, it acts on the hemolymphatic circulation, useful in the prevention of adipose formations. Recommended for athletes and people who need deep manipulation.

Relaxing massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage

The circulatory massage helps to stimulate, regulate and strengthen the circulatory and lymphatic system, favoring the oxygenation of cells and organs and eliminating the waste accumulated in the tissues of the lymphatic system.

Ayurvedic massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage

A warm oil is used through pressure, skimming and palpation, the "Marma" (the energy points through which the Prana moves) are stimulated, with the aim of rebalancing the organism and maintaining physical health, it has enhancement effects on natural defenses.

Californian massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage

Treatment consisting of skimming and friction, very light and soothing. It includes the totality of the body and ample and enveloping movements that cross the body, without lingering on specific areas. Suitable for finding a harmonious sensorial peace, it stimulates the lymphatic circulation thanks to its slow rhythm.

Hot stone massage (Hot stone massagge):
Duration 60 minutes massage

Polished basaltic stones are a type of iron-rich rock. This type of stone is able to conduct heat bringing extraordinary benefits to the body, muscles, skeletal system and not least the skin tissue.

Hanakasumi body treatment:
Treatment duration 1 h

A unique Japanese-inspired treatment capable of renewing the skin, bringing freshness and nourishment with enveloping maneuvers thanks to the shea butter that will be massaged all over the body.


Lymph-draining-hemolymphatic massage:
Duration 50 minutes massage

The emo-lymphatic massage will prevent the appearance of cellulite, stimulate the metabolism and finally relieve tension and contractures in the lumbar, sacral, dorsal and cervical area. The soft and superficial maneuvers mobilize a stream of liquid that is found inside a lymphatic vessel at the superficial level

Sports Decontracting Massage:
Duration 45 minutes massage

Suitable for those suffering from muscle tension and contractures and want to feel better. Its function is to restore the muscle tone to its normal level, dissolving the contractures through practical pressure and rubbing with the hands.

Recommended before or after the massage

  • Mud - Duration 30 minutes
  • Peeling - Duration 30 minutes
  • Scrub - Duration 30 minutes
  • Gommage - Duration 30 minutes


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