For those who want to start the day full of energy but in a light way, the angle of the centrifuged juice, yogurt and fresh fruit is perfect to give you the right sprint to fill the charge 
  • Dried fruits selection: raisins, candied fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut
  • Low-fat white yogurt, whole or fruit flavoured
  • Seasonal fresh fruits
  • Centrifugal juicer available to guests
  • Corn flakes dispencer
  • Classic muesli: oat flakes and red fruit muesli
  • Rusks
  • Orange jams and honey, gourmet jams selection including peach, strawberry, cherry, wild berries, apricot

  • carrots and seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes
  • Italian mozzarella cherries
  • Raw and cooked ham, roasted turkey breast
  • Bread Selection: milk, seeds, integrals, walnuts, oil
  • Rye bread, wholemeal and Tuscan white bread

• moka coffee Self-made with Bialetti coffee makers
• self-made centrifuged juices
• Cappuccino, black coffe and hot drinks

• Tea selection: english breakfast tea, earl gray tea, lemon tea, green tea, vanilla tea,
• Herbal teas selection: blueberries, vanilla, mango, strawberry and peach
• Fruit juices: red orange, pineapple, ace
• Daily Centrifuged juice, freshly prepared every morning
• Milk, rice and soy milk
• Natural and sparkling water


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